8 reasons why Control will help your business

1. Control(Ctrl) is

the most powerful business planning software available in New Zealand designed specifically for New Zealand businesses! Control(Ctrl has New Zealand specific read me documents such as:

  • Changes to the holidays act 2003
  • Employment law documents
  • Copyright and patent laws etc..
2. Fast and easy to use

With easy to understand prompts leading you through the planning process. By following these prompts you won't leave anything out and will be working through the plan in a logical order. Your table of contents and page numbers will be automatically generated to save you hours of formatting time.

3. Action plan

Designed to create a set of actions in each area of your plan. You can document who will do what, when and who they will be responsible to. This will ensure that the plan is implemented. The most important next step is to review the plan regularly to ensure that the actions have been completed keeping you on track.

4. A living document, a call to action

Allowing you to change and adapt as your business grows. Making changes is very simple keeping the plan alive and productive.

5. Over 50 supporting documents

which will assist you in developing your business.
Control(Ctrl) has read-me documents which assist you in the planning process such as:

  • How to brainstorm a business name
  • How to brainstorm a mission and vision with your team
  • Doing a SWOT analysis on your business
  • Strategic Planning
Plus useful forms such as:
  • Employee versus contractor
  • Position Descriptions
  • Employee appraisal forms

And many more......

You can also import your own word documents into
Control(Ctrl) for ease of use.

6. Easy to use financial forecasting

Which will guide you quickly through your financial planning process. As you work through various sections of your plan you will be adding in figures as you go. For example: sales forecasts and personnel wages. These figures will auto-populate into your profit and loss significantly reducing the time to produce these tables at the end of your plan.

7. Professional

and solid business plan which will stand up to the scrutiny of banks and investors! Control(Ctrl) produces graphs, charts and tables simplifying the information presented.

8. Different plans for different uses

Create a:

  • Marketing Plan
  • New Product launch plan
  • Divisional plan
  • Plan an event with budgeting
  • New business idea
  • Whatever type of plan you desire!


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