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What is NEEDZ?

A NEEDZ Analysis business assessment is designed to capture the key information in your business to allow you to make more informed decisions based on the strengths and weaknesses in your business.

NEEDZ will measure the systems and structures in your business against worldwide best practice standards and create a report highlighting where you are now and provide a comprehensive action plan that relates specifically to your business and the areas at risk or requiring attention.

Why will a NEEDZ business Analysis help me?

By fully understanding your business and what is required to achieve your vision and business objectives, the action plan will allow you to:

  • Improve business processes freeing up more time
  • Identify where to place your resources over the next 12 months
  • Understand your business strengths & weaknesses
  • Stay on track to meet your business objectives faster
  • Improve customer service and in turn customer loyalty
  • Improve team satisfaction and in turn staff retention

What areas of my business will be assessed?

The report is broken down into 5 key areas of your business

  • Business Direction
  • Customer & market focus
  • Human Resources
  • Business operations
  • Financial

Each of these main categories is broken into several subcategories clearly highlighting areas requiring work.

What is included in my NEEDZ report?

  • A business review highlighting the strengths and weaknesses (risks) in your business
  • A full action plan to overcome the weaknesses/risks
  • Colourful easy to read graphs highlighting key results
  • 3-4 hour consultation process with a 'Grow Your Business' professional
  • Advice on how to best implement the plan

How can I best use the information in my NEEDZ Analysis assessment?

The action plan provided with your NEEDZ is designed to guide you based on the areas/systems in your business that require implementing, reviewing or improvement. Based on your business objectives, it is important to prioritise the most important actions, decide who will do what and when. To best manage these actions, your business professional will provide you with a spreadsheet of your actions or if you have Control™ Business Planning & Development Software,  you can import the actions directly into Control™ into the specific areas, and manage them from there.

How much will it cost to complete a NEEDZ Analysis of my business?

Taking the time to conduct a NEEDZ™ Analysis is an essential investment into the future of your business. There are 3 different levels you can choose from:

A basic NEEDZ™ Analysis assessment involves sitting with a qualified 'Grow Your Business' business professional for approximately 2 hours where you will be asked a series of questions about your business. Based on the answers to these questions, your business professional will compile a report which will evaluate your business and highlight the strengths, weaknesses and risks in your business. An action plan will also be compiled with a list of actions required to get your business up to worldwide best practice standards.

Investment: $795+gst 

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NEEDZ™ Comprehensive
NEEDZ™ Comprehensive follows the process of the NEEDZ™ basic with the addition of a comprehensive half day process which will assist you in implementing your action plan. Your business professional will look at where your business is at compared to your business objectives and together you will set a plan for the next 3 months prioritizing the required actions and putting timeframes around them. They will see where your 'hotspots' or biggest pains are and set about creating a strategy to relieve these pains.

Investment: $1450+gst 

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NEEDZ Comprehensive Plus
The NEEDZ™ Comprehensive plus follows the process of NEEDZ™ Comprehensive with addition of 3 monthly follow-ups, each for 2 hours to ensure you are on track, assist with any issues you may be facing and get you going with the next 3 month plan.


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If you complete the NEEDZ Analysis process and have implemented your actionplan, and if within 12 months you haven't made significant changes to the profitability of your business, we will refund the cost of the basic NEEDZ™!

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