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control - Business Planning & development software

To help you plan and develop your business CONTROLTM Business Planning and development software is included as part of the 12 month Business Development Forum. CONTROLTM is designed to speed up, simplify and clarify the business planning process with easy to follow prompts, financial tables and questions to challenge your thinking. The various areas include:

  • Marketing planning - Your market, your competition and your customers - how will you reach them, sell to them and keep them
  • Human Resource planning - Your people - How will you recruit, train and retain good people
  • Operations planning - How does the business run? The systems, processes, suppliers, quality control.
  • Financial planning - Know and understand your numbers. Forecasting your financial future and measuring results.

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needz analysis

Business NEEDZTM Analysis is a business assessment tool which will measure the systems and structures in your business and indicate where your business is at NOW. You will follow an action plan to ensure you meet your business objectives. The information will appear in a report with colour coded graphs easily identifying the strengths and weaknesses and risks of your business and what to do about it. NEEDZTM Analysis has a RRP of $795 but is included as part of the Business Development Forum.

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